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Fleet Rental

DOĞUŞ FLEET MANAGEMENT car rent system including all brand vehicles, which are sold in Turkey, and provide services to various companies.
In Filo Car Rent, there is no limit regarding to the number and the type of the vehicles.
Vehicles that meet the needs of companies are determined by our experts with the most appropriate tools and provide fully equipped vehicles.

Operational leasing services offered by our company make it is possible for corporations to rent vehicles for 12,24,36,48 months


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Without the pressure which coming from buying a car, it is the best and safe way to use vehicles with peace of mind.

Instead of buying your own car, long-term individual car renting provides you economical and long-term rental service.
Vehicle plates registration, insurance, taxes, maintenance, and repair, all of these operational work that requires time and labor management are included in this service package.

Advantages of Renting rather than Buying ?

  • Banks credit limit will not be affected
  • Payments are predetermined, and it takes place in a fixed monthly rents.
  • Insurance payments and Motor Vehicle Tax is included in the rental coverage.
  • The more cost-effective way to have your vehicle compared to buying vehicles.
  • Please contact us for more detailed information about Individual Car Rent service.