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Student Trasportation

Regarding to the value of life and our future which is refer to our children, we fully understand the responsibility of our service.

BURAKTURAN tourism is of particular importance of school bus services and traffic awareness among teenagers,

BURAKTURAN tourism offers service which guarantees the safety of children, make sure that students feel comfortable before and after the school.

Everyday thousands of children accompany us on road.

Children of today , leader of tomorrow We provide the best service for our offspring who are guarantee of our future.

Children who you entrusted take totally new, modern optimized vehicles and rigorously trained, experienced, responsible drivers deliver them to their families.

Burak Turan Tourism provides our children the most peaceful and comfortable way to reach school from their homes, bring home from school. As Owners of our future, children take fully equipped vehicles from home to school. Without suffering on the way, children concentrate on their courses without any stress.

After school, our services wait for the children in front of the school on time and deliver children to houses safely.
Since undertook this mission in 1991, we are committed to continue for many years in the future. BURAKTURAN tourism see each parent and student as friends rather than customers.